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Facade Inspections

Facade Inspections

In 2003, the City of Chicago Department of Buildings revised City Ordinance 34, also called the Chicago Facade Ordinance. It requires that buildings over 80 feet in height adopt a biannual program of exterior building inspections and that they have a “critical” inspection performed every four to 12 years, depending on the building’s type of construction. Inspections must be supervised by a licensed architect or structural engineer.

Critical inspections require that the exterior surfaces be inspected up close visually and by touch by a qualified architect or engineer. This requires the lowering of a swing stage and the temporary installation of protective platforms over walkways, as well as the removal of facades or veneers (called “inspection openings”) so that out-of-sight problem areas can be identified.

Restore Masonry has the expertise and capabilities to make these inspections as seamless and unobtrusive as possible, and to quickly stabilize or eliminate potential hazards.

Critical Examinations/Surveys
Restore Masonry can arrange an inspection of the exterior walls by an architect or engineer to determine if there are any defective conditions that need to be repaired.