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Building Sealant

Building Sealant

Both new buildings and older structures benefit from sealing, ensuring the outdoors stays outdoors. At Restore Masonry, we provide a range of sealant services to prevent intrusion by water, air, dust and insects.

Caulking sounds simple enough, but knowing when and where to caulk can help prevent damage to a structure from water seepage and can keep an interior environment free of particulates, insects, and other irritants.

Control/Expansion Joints
Expansion joints are used to separate brick masonry into sections and prevent cracking due to changes in temperature and moisture expansion. The joints are formed of elastic materials placed in a continuous opening through the brick wythe. This allows the joints to expand and contract as a result of various weather conditions. These joints are designed to isolate a distressed section of the building so as to not affect other areas.

Glazing Sealants
Over time the sealant around windows can deteriorate allowing water to penetrate. The deteriorated sealant needs to be removed and replaced to ensure a water-tight seal.

Sealers and coatings can be applied to the surface of the masonry to prevent water penetration, staining and graffiti from penetrating the masonry. Water repellants, graffiti coating, stain repellants, etc. are common sealers/coatings used on exterior masonry.