Restoring Yesterday's Masonry - For Tomorrow

Concrete Restoration

Concrete Restoration

Strong and durable though it may be, even concrete is subject to damage and deterioration. Restore Masonry uses a variety of techniques to improve the look of concrete and to reverse the eroding effects of time and weather. For example, using power cleaning techniques, the appearance of the concrete can be restored to look like new. Concrete sealants can also be applied to protect from staining, moisture, cracking, pitting and other weather damage.

Balcony Repairs
Concrete balconies are exposed to weather and elements, which begin the corrosion process. Once spalls and cracks begin to appear, rapid deterioration can follow. Safely repairing the deteriorated concrete while not disturbing the tenants is a top priority.

Structural Repairs
If the concrete is damaged or cracked, the necessary repairs need to be made to those areas first. We repair cracks, spalls and the underlying reinforcing bars to restore the structural integrity of the concrete.

Concrete Coatings
Concrete coatings are another method of repairing concrete without replacement. Concrete coatings not only repair the appearance of the damaged concrete, but also can improve its durability.