Restoring Yesterday's Masonry - For Tomorrow


Colin Faul, Director of Marketing, Mason Contractors Association of America

The first Masonry Village was constructed at this year's Masonry Showcase and proved to be the talk of the town. Five teams, consisting of architects and mason contractors, competed at the contest in Chicago and all completed amazing masonry projects in just a two-day period. The teams were given masonry products including brick, block, stone and glass block to create five awe inspiring structures. The projects were judged by a panel of architects from CSI and the following awards were given:

1st Place 
Architects: RMC Architects 
Contractors: R&D Masonry

2nd Place (tied) 
Porch Swing
Architects: Architectural Nexus
Contractors: Snyder Masonry

2nd Place (tied) 
Archway to the Village 
Architects: Guarjardo REC Architects, LLC
Contractors: Restore Masonry

3rd Place (tied) 
La-Z-Arch (Brick Hammock) 
Architects: Minoru Yamasaki Associates 
Contractors: Koch Masonry, Davenport Masonry

3rd Place (tied) 
Chicago Benches 
National Association for Women in Masonry (NAWM) 
Bricklayers and Allied Craftsworkers Local #1 of Washington (BAC)

Best Use of Glass Block 
Chicago Benches

People's Choice 
Archway to the Village

This new addition to our competition program has proved to be an excellent event to highlight masonry and its many uses, flexibility and creative potential to thousands of attendees. We are very excited for what next year's contest will bring and already have a number of teams lined up to compete.